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  • Landscape Ecology and Climate Change of Changbai Mountains

      The research team led by Professor He Hongshi, scientist of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, and Professor Wu Zhengfang, which built the timberline-tundra monitoring sample plot and forest wetlands monitoring station of the Changbai Mountains in recent years, has conducted a series of studies of Changbai Mountains in eco-security, landscape change model simulation, timberline and tundra response to climate change, soil fauna, etc, from which four volumes of Research on Geosystems of the Changbai Mountains are compiled in succession.


  • Wetland Science

School of Geographical Sciences focuses on studies of peatlands in Northeast China in terms of their long-term response to climate change, palaeoenvironment change, important ecological process of wetlands, etc, and provides technical support and policy consulting service for China’s wetlands protection and utilization in key ecological process mechanism of wetlands, peat testing standard making and technology promotion, wetlands protection and restoration, wetland reserve construction, etc.


  •   Regional Economics

Carrying on Professor Chen Cai’s principle of Regional Economics, Institute of Northeast China in School of Geographical Sciences is valued greatly by state leaders of China and local government for it enhanced the economic development and revitalization of Northeast China by supporting a number of crucial regional development plans and consulting reports on the basis of its systematic studies of revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China and geopolitical relationships of Northeast Asia.


  • Urban Geography and Urban and Rural Planning

School of Geographical Sciences made a large number of theoretical and practical studies in evolution process of cities in Northeast China, urban agglomerations in Northeast China, healthy urbanization, development of important cities in China, international comparison, and supplied many talents for urban studies and planning of Northeast China.


  • Application of  GIS and Remote Sensing

School of Geographical Sciences has published a series of papers on international periodicals about multidimensional studies of eco-functional remote sensing and GIS-based spatial analysis. Professor Zhao Yunsheng won the second prize of National Award for Technological Invention for his participation in studies of Physical Mechanism, Key Techniques and Application of Polarization Remote Sensing.