Experiment Center

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Geography Experiment Center, which is originated from the Laboratory of the Department of Geography founded in 1953, was granted the provincial honor by Education Department of Jilin Province in 2014.

Geography Experiment Center, with the total area of 1360 square meters, has 18 laboratories, including labs of astronomy, geology, soil, biogeography, meteorology, earth surface processes, dating, palaeoenvironment, remote sensing, urban and rural planning, etc, 3 computer laboratories, 2 corridors with rock and soil samples displayed on the walls, 2 teaching laboratories, 1 map information database, 1 experimental meteorological station. There are 2524 experimental facilities, which are worth over RMB 29.38 million. Among all the facilities, 10 are over RMB 400 thousand, 2 are over RMB 1 million. Ninety-five percent of the facilities are kept in good condition, and over ninety percent are frequently used.

Geography Experiment Center is open to the undergraduates and postgraduates of School of Geographical Sciences, with over 150-thousand-hour use per year. In recent years, 70% of the facilities have been renewed with the help of national fund, which significantly improved the experiment teaching for undergraduates and postgraduates.